Have you ever wondered????

Have you ever sat and wondered why I am living pay check to pay check and why things never go my way at all?

Well that is pretty much how I have felt my whole life until now. So lets have a seat, a cup of tea, a big piece of chocolate cake and some snacks and chat for a bit.

I have had a pretty rocky life for the most part and in later posts when we get to know each other a bit better I will tell you the story of my life.. Im sure it can be a book someday lol..But for now Im just going to give you a little bit of who Iam. I have jumped from job to job pretty much my whole life because I get bored very easily and like to change it up alot. I have worked as an accountant, office manager, owned my own restaurant to working as a fitness instructor in a ladies gym. CRAZY RIGHT?? but the things I have never changed is my love for helping people,cooking and baking. oh and I love to chat and text. So I have been  racking my brains thinking of something do where I can do everything I love to do. This just might be the place.

 So Im hoping that you will be able to be a part of my new chapter  and take a bite out of life. I will be posting lots of recipes and tips and hey if you need some help in the kitchen or even saving money, just message me or post in the gossip girls section. Im hoping that this place will be where us woman can stick together and help each other out..

Keep and eye on the STORY section I will post info about my crazy crazy life..

Chat soon


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We all know saving money can be almost next to impossible, seen this on Pinterest and thought I would share it with you….Im working on a spreadsheet for budgeting money that you will be able to save and use. I personally use it and honestly dont know what I would do with out it…



It’s getting close to that time to start planting your garden. I personally can’t wait! I have a new yard and can’t wait to get my hands dirty 😊 but before you start to plant you might want to check out 

This guide will help you know what to plant and when


1. When it comes to medical assistance, my girls can rely on me for …

a. Pharmaceutical runs—Midol, contact lens solution, gum, you name it.

b. A ride to and from any appointment requiring anesthesia or pupil dilation.

c. Half an Ambien and cosmetic advice about how to cover up that zit.

2. During a friend’s romantic crisis, the Pink Lady I most resemble is …

a. Jan—bring comfort food to emergency girls’ night and perform like a dancing monkey to boost morale. (Bonus: free dental-hygiene tips!)

b. Frenchy—pull together said girls’ night for said friend in need and hold her hair back when things get crazy.

c. Rizzo—encourage the guest of honor to buck up, then ditch the girls for a booty call.

3. If a friend is moving house, sign me up for …

a. Free storage of overflow in my basement, two personal days devoted to the cause, and a couch to crash on during that six-month gap between leases.

b. Character references, one Saturday of box-packing, and a large Papa John’s on move day.

c. Any free electronics she doesn’t have room for at the new place.

4. When a friend asks me to look over her typo-filled résumé, I …

a. Overhaul it from top to bottom, then deliver a box of copies on Kinko’s finest cotton blend to her home.

b. Set up a coffee date to discuss my feedback in person, then give the gift of The Elements of Style.

c. Correct a few of the more glaring spelling errors, tell her it’s good to go, then forward it to my cubemate for comic relief.

5. The best gift I ever gave her was …

a. Her fiancé (18 months of therapy later and I’m almost over him!).

b. An all-expenses-paid week on the beach in Tulum after my promotion came through.

c. A virtual bottle of champagne on Facebook ($1 credit).

How many As, Bs, and Cs do you have? Add them up and –>


Mostly A’s: Enabler Extraordinaire

Your heart’s in the right place, but the delivery’s all wrong. BFF does not stand for Big Fat Flunky.

Mostly B’s: Golden Girl

Thank you for being a friend—and for striking the right balance between tough and unconditional lady love.

Mostly C’s: Frenemy Fatale

We suspect you may be “a girl who can’t stand girls.” Note: Nobody likes those girls.